Your WordPress website is a money-making machine, which means if it goes down, so does your revenue.

We’re here to keep your site LIVE.

Welcome to OnPIRETM: Stay Live. WordPress maintenance for digital money-making badasses.


24/7 Emergency Support


24/7 Uptime Monitoring


Ongoing Security Optimization


Speed Optimization

Your business exists to light fires under your customers’ butts, not put fires out.

You made the smart decision to scale your online business with courses and digital products so that you could serve more people from your zone of genius.

And that means your business l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y relies on your website or course platform working properly 24/7.

If anything breaks… Well I don’t want to say you’re screwed, but, you’re totally screwed. At least until it gets fixed. And who knows how long that could take? Especially if you don’t have a dedicated member of your team with the WordPress wizardry required to handle it immediately and thoroughly.

If you’re here, it means one of three things:

1. You’re already dealing with a virtual tech fire that needs putting out faster than it took you to say OH F*$# when it happened. And then you want to make sure it stays out (while your website stays on).
2. You know that your whole business (lead gen, revenue, customer happiness, reputation, the lot) is at risk from virtual tech fires and you want to prevent them from even happening in the first place, or at least have the peace of mind they’ll be put out as soon as they start.

3. You’re stalking us… Awkwaaaaard.

Assuming you fall into category 1 or 2, you’re at the point in your business growth journey where proactively protecting the six-or-seven-figure empire you’re building is a priority — and the peace of mind of knowing that your website is being consistently maintained and optimized is worth more to you than ever before.

That’s where OnPIRE comes in.

I am so lucky that Katrina and her team have been keeping our business on and online for the last 6 years. When we have website troubles, they save the day. Website updates? They’re just done, I don’t even need to think about them, because OnPIRE is on it. My team and I are so grateful and we bring up Katrina’s name anytime we need something on the tech front. If you are not working with OnPIRE yet, you gotta check them out.”

– Amber McCue | Online Business Coach and Entrepreneur at Amber McCue Co

Here’s how it goes…

Even though you’ve got a small team supporting you, handling complex website maintenance isn’t what you hired them for. And while they might be able to make simple updates or fix tiny issues, anything else is way more time consuming (and therefore expensive) than you want it to be. 

For example…

Ever updated a plugin to find that your entire site breaks as a result? And what was a two-minute job for your VA suddenly turns into a panic party that takes hours to resolve (and a couple of years off your life expectancy).   

Ever received a DM out the blue from a customer to tell you your website or course platform is down? And you feel your heart drop before freaking out trying to decide who you can trust enough to figure out what needs fixing. (And then freaking out again when you see the size of their invoice.)

Ever been hacked? Well, that’s a whole other level of nausea.  

Even if these’ haven’t happened to you yet, there’s a good chance they or something similar will at some point.
(Unless you hire OnPIRE, but we’re getting to that.)

The truth is, your website is the engine of everything.

If your website goes down…


If your website goes down…


If your website goes down…


If your website goes down…


With our monthly website maintenance package, you’ll never have to worry about any of these fires burning through your bottom line again. 

You can count on OnPIRE to approach your website with enthusiasm, care and concern. I love having them as part of the team and knowing they’re managing our website updates and backups. It’s like having a best friend that you can count on in times of need, except for work. What a delight working with them has been – I can not recommend OnPIRE enough.”

– Joanna Tiger | Co-Founder of Three Boudoir 


WordPress monthly website maintenance on steroids. Keep your website rocking, your leads rolling, and your sales rising.

For Courses

For course creators who run live launches through the year



For Products

For info-product creators running ads on evergreen  



For Services

For service providers driving leads from social media



What it is…

Stay Live is peace of mind wrapped up in a monthly website maintenance package.

We check your site once a minute (yes, we’re serious – website MAGIC, remember?) to ensure that it never goes down and you’re never left in a panic as you lose money trying to figure out how to get it back up.

When you choose OnPIRE, it means you can focus on creation and client delivery. Your VA can focus on marketing support, systems, and admin, and our team can focus on everything website maintenance related so it’s smooth, fast, and always thriving.

All Inclusive Service, No Hidden Fees or Upsells

Stay Live is a full maintenance service. There’s no “if you want this fixed, it’ll cost extra” or “you’ll need to fix this part yourself”. Everything is included in the monthly flat fee. Time saved. Money saved. Sanity saved. 

Focus on Keeping Your Site Slick, Speedy, and Secure

You don’t ever have to think about or request website maintenance. You pay us to take all of that concern off your plate completely. Our team do everything that’s required to keep your site running like a charm and send you a weekly report to keep you up to date on performance. 

Working with OnPIRE is such a breath of fresh air. They’re my go-to for all things WordPress, and are able to explain things to me so I understand – they’re like some sort of tech ninjas. I love having OnPIRE on my team.” 

– Shay Hrobsky | Biz + Life Coach at Soul Fueled Life

Here’s a closer look at what’s covered in this sanity-saving service.

(Not listed: your ass. Though that will also be covered.)

Keep your site healthy and secure with weekly plugin, theme + core updates

  • An updated site is a happy site, and happy sites make you more money
  • With us, your site will never go down during updates because we make changes on a development website before putting them live on yours
  • Never again worry about whether your site is leaving you vulnerable or whether that contractor you’re working with actually ran that update or really knows how to put out that website fire… *yikes*

Keep your leads + Google rankings high with speed optimization

  • Ensures your site loads lightning-fast consistently, so user experience is always slick and customers stay on there longer 
  • Faster speed also means your Google ranking will increase, which means your leads will increase
  • Never again worry about your site being slow or clunky and turning people off buying from you

Continually optimize your site for sales and security

  • Everything from malware scanning, to database protection, to using premium security plugins is handled for you on an ongoing basis 
  • Ensures your sales and google rankings are protected from unexpected attack 
  • Never again worry about something harmful getting into your site or paying a premium to clean it up (which starts around $500 easy)

Keep your website live and thriving with 24/7 uptime monitoring

  • We check your site 2880 times a day — that’s every 30 seconds! — and if it ever happens to go down, we take action within 60 seconds
  • Never again worry about receiving a flurry of sweat-inducing emails from potential customers letting you know your site isn’t working and losing the sales

Get peace of mind with emergency 24/7 support

  • If anything on your website breaks or you notice something wrong, you can reach out to us to put it right immediately
  • Never again worry about the impact on your brain and bottom line if your website suddenly went wonky for no reason 

Know you always have a backup with website cloud backups

  • These are done 4 times a day so if anything happens there’s always a very recent backup to revert to
  • Yes, you definitely do need a backup (I’ve seen the expensive damage caused by not having one) 
  • Never again worry about whether you’d be able to recover quickly if something went wrong with the current version of your site

Stay calm if your website is ever hacked with malware removal

  • If your website ever does get hacked, malware removal (which is a fancy way of saying “fixing the hack”) is included in this package
  • Immediate action is taken to fix the problem  
  • Never again worry about what it could cost in lost revenue and in development invoices if your site gets taken over by bugs

Always know how your website is performing for you with weekly reporting

  • Get a full yet simple breakdown of all maintenance tasks performed on your website every week
  • Never again be left to guess whether your website is working at its very best for you

Get your WordPress site (and online empire) protected and thriving ASAP

Stay Live is a flat fee of $147 a month, and is delivered on a rolling monthly basis. Sign up today to have the OnPIRE team on your side and on your site within 2 business days.

Starting at $147/month

  • Weekly Reports
  • Weekly plugin, theme & core file updates
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Speed Optimization
  • Daily Cloud Backups
  • Security Optimization
  • Real-time Firewall
  • Daily Malware Scan
  • Complete Malware Removal
  • Bonus: $1,000+ Premium Plugins Added to Your Site!

Need more than just WordPress maintenance services for your website? Hop on a call with Rina to go over any of your website needs and we can work out a custom plan tailored just to you.

I love having OnPIRE in my “right” hand for doing the the things for my website that are beyond me. It’s a fun privilege to work with, know them, enjoy their company via cyberspace and most importantly laugh with! OnPIRE is a “keeper”.”

– Kymberly Keniston Pond | Founder/CEO of Kymberly’s Beauty Bar

Who’ll be keeping your site thriving?

Hiya! I’m Katrina (a.k.a. Rina!), founder of OnPIRE, WordPress expert, lover of nachos and a total feline enthusiast (helloooo 4 cats). I’ve been designing, maintaining, and fixing websites for 12+ years and there’s a good chance that the kind of work that makes you physically heave is the kind that me and my team freaking love!

OnPIRE was born because my clients rely on their WordPress websites running properly to make money and they wanted to protect their empires from existing or potential fires that could destroy everything they worked so hard to build.

You know that when you’re selling and running online courses on WordPress, and/or running ads to a WordPress site, if the site goes down, so does your revenue. Stay Live ensures that never happens.